Places to find great deals on the Internet

Great deals can be found on the Internet on many items throughout the year. Black Friday is coming closer and closer and many deals exist on everything. However, just because a deal is listed as a Black Friday deal doesn’t make it a great deal.


Recycled Deals

A study as described by NerdWallet shows that up to 92% of Black Friday ads for 2013 were advertised as Black Friday ads in 2012.

Black Friday Deals

Deals can be found everywhere. The following are places you can go to search for deals and avoid going to the stores and long lines.

Deals Through the Year

  • The Cheapskate – If you are the kind of person who likes a good deal any time of the year, then I suggest following the Cheapskate. He lists on an almost daily basis deals on software for Windows and Mac, tablets, computers, audio products, and more.
  • Twitter account of the local mall – Events, discounts, and more can be found by following the Twitter feed of the local mall, in this case, the Chula Vista Center.

My hope is that these links will help you make a wise purchase during this rather hectic, yet shorter, shopping season. Remember, spend wisely, behave yourselves, and be of good cheer.

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