Accidents and technology

Accidents will happen

cracked phone
cracked phone

Technology has become more mobile than ever. I remember seeing early mobile phones that were quite large like this one,
Motorola Bag Phone, being used. However, mobile phones have transformed into smartphones capable of sending emails, taking photos, make video calls, and more. In addition to smart phones being popular so are smart watches, tablet computers, laptop computers, and portable game devices are increasing in popularity as well. With so many devices wandering around it is no wonder that I see smartphones with cracked screens, laptop keyboards swimming in coffee, and music players run over by a stroller. What do you do when this happens? Let me give you a few ideas:

Get on the case:

Protect your smartphone purchase with a case such as an Otter box or a LifeProof Case. I have seen smartphone screens shattered by a simple fall to a tile floor surrounded by a cheap case that protects that back of the phone. If you are investing money in a smartphone, then buy a case that can protect the phone completely.

Consider Renter’s or Personal Property Insurance:

I am not a financial advisor of any kind. However, I have rented an apartment that required renter’s insurance as a condition of living in the apartment. I was surprised to learn that the particular policy covered electronic devices in the apartment for up to a certain dollar amount. This is useful if you something gets damaged at home such as a desktop computer, televisions, stereo equipment, etc. You can get coverage usually for $25 or less per month. Personal property insurance can be quite useful.

Know someone who is good at repairing devices:

I remember when I had a problem with a plumbing leak in our home and called a general contractor that belonged to the same church I did. He did a great job for a reasonable price. Also, I knew someone that that I had fixed their computer and they had a friend who helped me fix a broken lock on my car. It always pays to know someone who knows what they are doing. Make sure you have their contact information available. You just never know when the day will come when something needs some servicing…

Hopefully these tips can help you save some money, time, and headaches the next time your technological wonder encounters an accident. If you need help, then please contact Pablo’s Computers at your convenience by phone at 619-796-3074 or by using our Contact form.

Have a Merry Christmas.