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Have you been around people who want to search for something on the internet and they say something like this, “I need to google something or can you google this for me?” In these days to google something is to search the internet using google. It reminds me of people going to xerox, instead of making a copy of a document. People don’t change, but technology and the way we use it does change. There are many companies that make copiers such as Ricoh, Canon, Kyocera, HP, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, etc. Xerox isn’t the only company that make copy machines. How does this analogy apple to search engines? Please read on…

Searching for information is not limited to google, bing, or yahoo. There are other search engines that are very useful, safe, and fast out there. My hope is that these search engines help you out the next time you need to find something.

Great Search Engines

  • Duck Duck Go – I stumbled upon this last year. I like the fact that it is fast on search. Also, according to their site they don’t track you. This is reassuring given the times we live in.
  • Goodsearch: You Search...We Give! – A few months ago I was searching for information on a local park and I saw a button for goodsearch. This caught my attention and followed along. Part of the proceeds goes to your charity or organization of choice which could be a church, charity, local school, or other group. You can do some good while you look for something on the internet.
  • Dogpile – Back in 1998 I had an office job while attending college and my supervisor used a website called dogpile to search for something. I thought that it looked a bit strange when compared to yahoo or google. Then, I learned that it got results from other search engines and placed them together. Dogpile has changed over the years, but it still great at getting results when google or yahoo is not enough. Oh, and one more thing, this website has a mascot, Arfie.

    Google is one of the most dominant companies where search is concerned, but it isn’t the only company around. Go ahead and try one of theses search engines next time. Thanks for visiting Pablo’s Computers.

Accidents and technology

Accidents will happen

cracked phone

cracked phone

Technology has become more mobile than ever. I remember seeing early mobile phones that were quite large like this one,
Motorola Bag Phone, being used. However, mobile phones have transformed into smartphones capable of sending emails, taking photos, make video calls, and more. In addition to smart phones being popular so are smart watches, tablet computers, laptop computers, and portable game devices are increasing in popularity as well. With so many devices wandering around it is no wonder that I see smartphones with cracked screens, laptop keyboards swimming in coffee, and music players run over by a stroller. What do you do when this happens? Let me give you a few ideas:

Get on the case:

Protect your smartphone purchase with a case such as an Otter box or a LifeProof Case. I have seen smartphone screens shattered by a simple fall to a tile floor surrounded by a cheap case that protects that back of the phone. If you are investing money in a smartphone, then buy a case that can protect the phone completely.

Consider Renter’s or Personal Property Insurance:

I am not a financial advisor of any kind. However, I have rented an apartment that required renter’s insurance as a condition of living in the apartment. I was surprised to learn that the particular policy covered electronic devices in the apartment for up to a certain dollar amount. This is useful if you something gets damaged at home such as a desktop computer, televisions, stereo equipment, etc. You can get coverage usually for $25 or less per month. Personal property insurance can be quite useful.

Know someone who is good at repairing devices:

I remember when I had a problem with a plumbing leak in our home and called a general contractor that belonged to the same church I did. He did a great job for a reasonable price. Also, I knew someone that that I had fixed their computer and they had a friend who helped me fix a broken lock on my car. It always pays to know someone who knows what they are doing. Make sure you have their contact information available. You just never know when the day will come when something needs some servicing…

Hopefully these tips can help you save some money, time, and headaches the next time your technological wonder encounters an accident. If you need help, then please contact Pablo’s Computers at your convenience by phone at 619-796-3074 or by using our Contact form.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Places to find great deals on the Internet

Great deals can be found on the Internet on many items throughout the year. Black Friday is coming closer and closer and many deals exist on everything. However, just because a deal is listed as a Black Friday deal doesn’t make it a great deal.



Recycled Deals

A study as described by NerdWallet shows that up to 92% of Black Friday ads for 2013 were advertised as Black Friday ads in 2012.

Black Friday Deals

Deals can be found everywhere. The following are places you can go to search for deals and avoid going to the stores and long lines.

Deals Through the Year

  • The Cheapskate – If you are the kind of person who likes a good deal any time of the year, then I suggest following the Cheapskate. He lists on an almost daily basis deals on software for Windows and Mac, tablets, computers, audio products, and more.
  • Twitter account of the local mall – Events, discounts, and more can be found by following the Twitter feed of the local mall, in this case, the Chula Vista Center.

My hope is that these links will help you make a wise purchase during this rather hectic, yet shorter, shopping season. Remember, spend wisely, behave yourselves, and be of good cheer.

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Price increases for Windows 7 computers is likely

I believe that price increases are likely for Windows 7 computers next year.

Generally, prices for computers go down as new technology comes into the marketplace. I remember my first computer was a PC XT made by Zenith. It cost $899 and came with a monochrome monitor. Then, I upgraded to a 16 color monitor for an additional $600. Nowadays, you can get a great computer for less than $1000. It goes to show you that computing power increases and price decreases.

However, I will give you various reasons as to why price increases are likely next year for Windows 7 computers.

  • Windows XP support is coming to an end. I was reading today that Windows XP is used by over 30% of computers currently in use. I am sure this number will decrease as April 8, 2014 approaches when Microsoft pulls the plug on windows updates for XP. How does this prove that price increases for Windows 7 computers is likely? Windows XP computers will continue to age and eventually break down. Businesses will increase purchases of Windows 7 computers. This will increase demand for these types of computers. Therefore, prices will most likely increase to meet the increase in demand for these computers.
  • ZDNet reported that Windows 8 adoption rate is lower than that of Windows 7. I have used Windows during the consumer preview all the way through the retail version and I eventually reinstalled the previous version of Windows. Using a mouse with Windows 8 was more difficult due to the tile based interface design. I believe a portion of computer users will prefer an upgrade to Windows 7, if possible, or purchase a Windows 7 computer. Again, demand for this type of computer will increase and is another reason that prices may go up.
  • Prices have started to increase in the reseller market. I have seen various promotions from manufacturer’s disappear recently for business class computers. I believe this trend will continue.
  • In summary, prices for Windows 7 computers may go up next year temporarily as Windows XP dies out and Windows 8 tries to gain traction. I am sure this trend will peak later next year as tablet and smart phone sales continue to grow. So, of you are in the market for Windows 7, then it would be best to purchase during the next few months.

Windows XP support will end on April 8, 2014

Windows XP Support Will end

Windows XP Support Will end

Windows XP support will end.
What does this mean?

  • Windows updates will end on April 8, 2014.

How can this potentially harm your computer?

  • If people find more security problems in Windows XP, then Microsoft will not devote any resources to fix the issue.
  • Potential improvements to the operating system will not be in development.

What to do?

  • Upgrade to Windows 7
  • Obtain an anti-virus product, such as eSetthat will continue to update on a Windows XP computer
  • Ensure that Windows XP Service Pack 3 is installed and fully updated prior to April 8, 2014.
  • Keep contact info for a friend who can help you with your computer

If you need further information from Microsoft in regards to the end of Windows XP support is available.

That’s it for today. If you need additional help, then please contact Pablo’s Computers. Have a great day.

Discounts on local attractions in San Diego

San Diego

Picture of San Diego

Living in San Diego is a blessing, because there is much to do throughout the year. You can use google to find a few things to do around San Diego that doesn’t cost much.

I have come up with a short list of discounts on local attractions in San Diego.

  1. Balboa Park Resident Free Tuesdays – As a public service, Park organizations offer free admission on a rotating basis on the first four Tuesdays of the month to San Diego City & County residents (with ID), active military & their dependents. Please visit the website for full details.
  2. Flying Leatherneck Museum – Free admission. This is the only museum in the world dedicated to preserving the incredible contributions made by Marine Corps aviators and their ground support personnel. It is located on the grounds of the Miramar Air Station.
  3. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista – Free tours on Saturday – My family went on this tour and it was great. The tour lasts about an hour, but it sure was comfortable riding on the cart. Our guide, Jerome Avery, was informative, friendly, and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

These are a few of the many activities available in San Diego that are easy on the budget. Oh and more thing… You might learn something new in the process.

Thanks for visitng Pablo’s computers.

Tips to Prevent Computer Viruses

I have been using computers since 1988. I have seen many things happen during these past 25 years. Computer viruses can arrive on computers that use windows, linux, or mac os x.

More and more I see viruses of all types – trojans, spyware, rootkits, html injectors, fake anti-virus programs, and more are created and distributed every day.

What can you do to reduce the change of getting such a malicious program?

Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses in the computer

  1. Use an anti-virus program and have it update continuously. Programs such as eSet, avira, avg, and avast can help prevent computer viruses from infecting your computer. I do not recommended Symantec anti-virus due to slowing down the computer and inferior detection of malware.
  2. Be careful of downloading programs from torrents, or sites devoted to pirated programs. You don’t know what may be inside that download.
  3. Make sure that your computer operating system is up to date with updates and security patches.
  4. Make sure that plug-ins are also up to date such as java, adobe flash, adobe reader.

If you run into trouble with a computer virus, then please contact Pablo’s Computers at 619-796-3074 from within San Diego County.

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