Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus

Computer Virus

Computer viruses have increased in recent years as computers, smart phones, tablets, and other network devices become popular. Open wi-fi connections, unsecured home networks, out-dated anti-virus programs help computer viruses to spread easily.

Common symptoms of computer viruses

  1. Fake anti-virus program that seems real asking you often for money to remove viruses.
  2. Do your relatives and friends tell you that they receive from you strange e-mails for mail-order prescriptions, or wire transfers from foreign countries?
  3. Computer slowed down from one day to the next.
  4. Pop-ups appear a lot while browsing the Internet?
  5. Your Internet connection getting slower and slower?
  6. Does your computer re-start automatically every few minutes?
  7. Mouse cursor moving by itself, clicking on icons, as if someone were controlling it?

Need to eliminate those pesky computer viruses lurking on your computer?
Then, call Pablo, at 619-796-3074, to get rid of that annoying computer virus.

Virus removal is $45.00 (in most cases)